Where do I find the City's "Good Neighbor Policy"?

The Good Neighbor Policy is available here: Good Neighbor Policy

How do I facilitate getting my guest to sign the Good Neighbor Policy? 

This can be easily accomplished during the in-person check-in process. Once signed, take a photo of the signature page in case there is a concern reported at the property. Providing this to the officer when the 24/7 agent is called will ensure the citation is issued to the guest instead of the owner or agent.

How long does the registration process take?

Once you submit the application and payment required, it can take up to 4 weeks for processing. You will be contacted regarding scheduling an inspection. You must pass the inspection process and receive a license before advertising online or renting the home.

Where do I find my license number for my online listing?

If your license was issued after June 2021, you received a license via email with a license number on it. If your license was issued before June 2021, you received an inspection checklist with the number located in the upper left-hand corner starting with “BCA”. There is also a list of approved vacation rentals provided on the website that contains license numbers and expiration dates.

How do I obtain the license required for posting in my vacation rental?

If you do not already have a license, you will receive a license upon approval of the annual renewal for the vacation rental. You will not be required to display it until that time if one has not been provided yet.

Can my vacation license be transferred to a new owner?

No, upon change of ownership a vacation rental license is no longer valid. The new owner can apply for a new license once escrow has closed.

What are the new requirements for the exterior sign?

The requirement for exterior signs is found in the Administrative Policy Manual found under the Quick Links on the Vacation Rental webpage. Signs must include the maximum number of cars allowed (1 per bedroom).

Why am I being asked to self-certify my inspection form this year?

The City is allowing some property owners/agents to self-certify in lieu of an inspection to ensure staff resources are directed toward the most important community issues of noise and party compliance. Most renewals are passed on the first inspection. Staff is directing our limited resources to inspecting homes that are new to the program and responding to neighbor concerns about noise from vacation rental guests. The City has the right to inspect any property at our discretion during business hours. Licensees who self-certify and are later determined to be out of compliance will have their license revoked for at least 12-months.

What documents must accompany my license application?

You must now submit proof of homeowner insurance when you register or renew. We recommend a specific coverage for vacation rental use with a minimum of $1 million of liability coverage. If you allow friends and families use of your property for free, please include the names of those individuals on the Friends and Family form. This form will be helpful if violations are found at the property while occupied by friends and family. If you recently purchased the property and our records have not been updated by the assessor, you will need to submit a copy of the deed or closing document showing the transfer of title to your name. If ownership is held in a trust, corporation, LLC, LLP, etc., then documentation must be submitted showing the owner names and percentage of ownership.

I want to buy multiple properties for vacation rental purposes. Is that allowed?

The ordinance limits the number of licenses to any individual or entity to no more than two. Individuals owning property in trust or in a corporation, are still limited to two. In other words, an individual cannot be a member of multiple LLC’s to obtain more than two licenses.

What is the purpose of the Friends and Family Form?

When owners are not renting their property and it is being used by friends and family, the vacation rental rules relating to guest behavior do not apply. Having a Friends and Family Form on file with the City helps staff quickly verify that the rules relating to music, occupancy, spa use, etc. do not apply and, therefore, a citation is not appropriate for those violations. This could help the owner avoid the inconvenience of receiving and appealing citations and helps reduce the staff time involved in those compliance activities. If staff can quickly verify that the property is being used by the owner, then staff is able to inform the complaining party and avoid additional complaints and inspections.

What is the new occupancy formula for determining maximum occupancy for vacation rentals?

The ordinance limits the number of adults in a vacation rental to the ratio of 2 per bedroom + 2. Additionally, there is a maximum number of occupancy limit of 1 person per 200 square feet, not to exceed 16. Example #1: 3,500 sf home with 5 bedrooms has a maximum occupancy of 16 people, only 12 of those can be adults. The remaining 4 people can be children. Example #2: 1,000 sf home with 3 bedrooms has a maximum occupancy of 5 people, all 5 of those can be adults, no additional people are allowed. If this new formula is not already on your current license, then the information will be updated upon renewal of the registration.

What are the new parking requirements?

The ordinance requires one legal off-street parking space per bedroom. The ordinance also limits the number of vehicles allowed at a vacation rental property to the minimum spaces required. Therefore, the minimum spaces equal the maximum number of vehicles allowed. The definition of what constitutes a legal parking space can be found in Chapter 17.25.070.A.3.

Do I have to pave my gravel driveway?

Gravel spaces are permitted for properties constructed prior to 2004. Pavement is required for all other properties. Properties constructed after 2004 and licensed prior to January 11, 2021 with gravel spaces need to provide paved parking by January 1, 2026. All new parking areas must be paved.

What is required to be included on the notice posted at the interior entrance to the property?

The list of rules that are listed in the operational requirements of the ordinance and in the Good Neighbor Policy. Download a SAMPLE.

Does the City offer any alternative parking for additional vehicles?

No. All guest parking must be provided in legal parking spaces on the vacation rental property. Guests cannot park on neighboring properties even with the owner’s permission. One reason the number of cars is limited is to reduce the volume of traffic coming to town.

How do I get certified as a 24/7 agent?

There is an online test that you must take annually. You can take the test HERE

What does TOT and TBID/BBLTBID mean?

TOT stands for Transient Occupancy Tax. You must charge your guests 8% of the total fees and then remit that payment monthly to the City. These funds must be kept separate from the other revenue you generate and not be co-mingled into personal checking accounts. TBID or BBLTBID both stand for the Big Bear Lake Tourism Business Improvement District. This is a 3% assessment charged to hotels, lodges, and vacation rentals. The revenue is used to support the operations of Visit Big Bear. The City collects these funds, but transfers 100% of it to Visit Big Bear.

When are the TOT/BBLTBID due dates?

TOT/BBLTBID remittances are due the last day of the month, following the end of the reporting month. For example, the remittance for the calendar month of January is due on the last day of February. Postmarks are accepted for mail in checks. Payments can also be made online via the City’s payments page.

When will my online platform begin submitting my taxes and BBLTBID on my behalf?

The hosting platforms will begin submitting for all periods after January 1, 2022. Therefore, owners and agents still need to submit for themselves the 4th quarter of 2021. At this time, Airbnb has not agreed to collect and remit TBID. Therefore, owners utilizing Airbnb will still be required to remit TBID forms and payments even beyond 2022. VRBO and HomeAway (Expedia Group) has agreed to collect and remit both TOT and TBID on behalf of their owners. Agents and owners are still obligated to collect and remit TOT and TBID directly to the City for reservations booked outside an online platform.