BIG BEAR LAKE, CA – At the February 13, 2017 Mid-Year Budget Workshop, City management shared with Council the news that the local economy continues to recover and major revenues are up 5%. As a result the City Council approved the contribution of $600,000 into Street Improvement Reserves setting aside funds for street repairs and other road improvements this coming Spring.

Over the last five years, Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) revenue has shown steady growth on a quarterly basis, including growth during shoulder seasons. Significant first quarter snowfall allowed last fiscal year ending June 30, 2016 to end well ahead of projections. The current fiscal year is following suit and is already well ahead of budget. Additionally, Sales Tax revenue is generating activity in excess of the adopted budget with growth in nearly every business segment.

BIG BEAR LAKE, CA – On February 13, 2017 members of the community, City Council and City staff gathered to discuss the recent frustrations which resulted from the January 2017 snow storm.

At the Regular City Council Meeting, David Lawrence City Engineer/Director of Public works offered a recap of snow plow operations during the January 19-January 23 snow storm. This once in ten year snow event caused a number of issues for residents and visitors alike due to snow removal issues and overcrowded streets. Following presentations from representatives of Snow Summit, LLC, Big Bear Fire Authority, United States Forest Service, and the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department the floor was opened to the public.

Last month, our community experienced a once-in-ten year snow storm which caused a myriad of concerns and unusual circumstances for our residents. As we prepare for another holiday weekend with President’s Day, current weather predictions for another potential intense snow storm are all over the map. But, please be assured, that city staff is coordinating with other agencies to be prepare and, in abundance of caution, planning for "the perfect storm" with a combination of heavy rain and snowfall. In addition to that we are prepared for most of the lodging and TPHRs to be 100% occupied with an influx of visitors heading up for the long weekend. We are continuing to partner with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, California Highway Patrol, Caltrans, Big Bear Fire Authority and the U.S. Forest Service to preemptively combat many of the concerns that are likely on the minds of residents and visitors alike. Contact information for important Valley agencies is included below for your convenience.

Plans have been established to:

  • Double the amount of law enforcement in order to direct traffic
  •  Add additional Code Compliance personnel to assist with TPHR enforcement
  • Implementation of alternative parking for the mountain resorts not involving city streets or public lots
  • Additional law and code enforcement personnel are assigned to patrol areas of concern regarding snow play and illegal parking
  • Caltrans will be responsible for clearing all four lanes on Big Bear Blvd. giving city Public Works crews the opportunity to concentrate on removing snow on city streets
  • Berm busters will be deployed early after the initial snow removal pass and again after streets have been widened
  • Arrangements have been made for additional tow companies to be available for towing of illegally parked cars on city streets; and all entrances to the city will be signed with “No Parking During Snow Conditions, Violators Will Be Towed” electronic message boards

It is our supreme goal to provide the best service we can to our residents and we encourage you to contact us with any additional questions or concerns you may have. Additionally, please reference the list below of contacts to help guide you when help is needed:

  • Emergency Situations – call 911
  • Issues regarding Code Enforcement (Private Home Rentals, Land Use, Property Maintenance, etc.) – call the 24-Hour Code Hotline (909) 866-2633
  • Non-emergency situations related to Safety and/or Fire –
  • Power & Utility Issues –
  • Questions regarding snow conditions, snow removal and berm reduction – call the City’s 24-hour Automated Snow Removal Hotline (909) 752-2830, OR, to speak with a representative during regular business hours regarding snow removal and berm reduction contact the Public Works Department (909) 866-7521
  • Questions regarding highways 330/18/38 and Big Bear Boulevard - Caltrans District 8 (909) 383-4631 


UPDATED: 2/16/2017


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