What is the scope of the project?

The most important maintenance practice is the sealing of cracks that have developed within asphalt pavements. This crack sealing significantly reduces the likelihood that surface runoff will seep into the aggregate base course beneath the asphalt and compromise the structural integrity of the street sec- tion. When the structural section of a street fails, the repair cost is typically very high. The relatively low cost annual practice of sealing these cracks defers the need to employ more costly street rehabili- tation and restoration practices. This project includes sealing various cracks on 65 residential street segments.

What is the project duration?

Work is scheduled to begin in mid June and will take approximately 8 days to complete. Hours of con- struction will be from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. We expect the project to be com- pleted by June 25, 2018.

What about parking?

“No Parking” signs with the exact date of the crack sealing will be posted adjacent to the areas of work at least 2 days in advance of the work. If unexpected delays occur, the new date will be posted at least 48 hours prior to the rescheduled date.

How will I be affected?

Please park your car in your driveway on the scheduled day. Streets will remain open with traffic con- trol measures such as flaggers and rolling lane closures. The crack fill material only takes a few minutes to dry. If you need off-street parking, please park on a street that does not have the parking restrictions posted.

Will there be changes to the schedule? 

Scheduling a project of this type may require a change in the schedule. The City and the Contractor will make every effort to minimize impacts to the commu- nity and to keep the project on schedule. The community’s cooperation is greatly appreciated.

What about trash pickup or mail delivery? 

Services will not be affected.

We ask for the community’s patience during this time and would like to advise motorists to consider alternative routes, to allow extra time for traveling, and to always “Be Work Zone Alert.”

To ensure open lines of com- munication with businesses and residents, the City has designated a project manager to handle all aspects of the project. To ensure quick re- sponse to your comments and concerns please call:

(909) 866-5831 ext. 138

(909) 427-8276


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