To minimize traffic congestion in the Big Bear area during the morning hours of heavy skier traffic, a new traffic flow plan has been implemented for select dates. The traffic control will begin at 7AM and continue unt il traffic subsides . Skiers are also asked to consider taking Highway 38 through Redlands and Highway 18 from Lucerne Valley. Both routes are less traveled and may save you time.

Starting before the Big Bear Dam, Electronic message boards and signage will direct skiers to Snow Summit and Bear Mountain parking areas. Traffic will be directed to use Highway 38 and Highway 18 to alleviate traffic congestion. Highway 38 is the recommended route for all Bear Mountain ski traffic.

As traffic approaches Snow Summit, traffic will not be permitted to turn south on Summit Blvd from Big Bear Blvd. Traffic will continue to Moonridge Rd. and turn south; Eastbound traffic will use the right and left lanes of Big Bear Blvd to make the turn onto Moonridge Rd. Westbound Traffic will use the two left lanes to turn left onto Moonridge Rd. Vehicles leaving Snow Summit, (north bound) will be allowed to turn onto Big Bear Blvd.

Snow Summit paid parking, Brownie Lane parking, ADA parking, and skier drop off will turn right on Brownie Lane from Moonridge Rd , using both lanes of Moonridge Rd . Brownie Lane will be 2 lanes of west bound traffic, and will be closed to eastbound traffic. Snow Summit paid parking, skier drop off and ADA parking should merge into the left lane of Brownie Lane, those vehicles will continue west on Brownie Lane and turn south onto Summit Blvd for Snow Summit. Snow Summit skiers may also park in the Moonridge parking lot and will be taken by shuttle to Snow Summit.

Bear Mtn. paid parking, ADA parking or Bear Mtn. skier drop off will use Moonridge Rd. and turn right on Club View Drive to Bear Mtn. All other skier parking will merge into the left lane of Moonridge Rd. and park in the Moonridge parking lot, and a shuttle will take you to your resort of choice.

When all the south resort parking lots are full, electronic message boards and signs will direct skiers to park at the Fox Farm Road parking area, from this lot Skiers will have shuttle service to both resorts.

All major intersections will have Law Enforcement directing traffic in order to alleviate confusion and help keep traffic flowing. Please pay attention to the road signs and directions given by law enforcement.

The dates for the New Traffic Plan are as follows:

  • December 16 and 17
  • December 23 through January 7, 2018
  • January 13, 14, 20, 21, 27 and 28
  • February 3, 4, 10, 11, 17, 18 and 24
  • March 3 and 10


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