This 2022-23 Big Bear Mountain Resorts Traffic Management Plan (TMP) was created to address a mitigation measure required of the Big Bear Mountain Resorts (Resorts), which include Snow Summit and Bear Mountain. This TMP is an update to previous versions which were initially implemented for the 2017-18 winter season. This TMP serves to outline traffic control, parking lot phasing, and shuttle operations for the resort season.

This TMP reflects the addition of a new off-site parking lot, which will re-organize the parking lot loading sequence, clarify the shuttle routes, and reduce congestion on the direct routes to the parking lots at the base of the Resorts. The parking lots at the base of the Resorts will be prepaid lots on busy days during the 2022-23 season, with the off-site lots offering free parking.

This TMP is built upon previous versions of the TMP, with updates to reflect the new lot location and the free/pre-paid parking strategies. The implementation of the TMP is tailored to the expected crowd with the season divided into three activity levels:

Non-peak Days:  120
Peak Days: 25-30
Maximum Days: 5

The TMP represents a cooperative effort of the Resorts, Mountain Transit, San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, City of Big Bear Lake (City) staff, and consultants.

The goal of the TMP is the continued improvement of the Resorts’ circulation and parking management to minimize the traffic impacts on residents and businesses while still prioritizing safety and the guest experience.