In the City of Big Bear Lake’s ongoing effort to support economic vitality and maintain the highest standards of safety, cleanliness and overall property maintenance, we are launching a new community-wide beautification initiative: the Beautify Big Bear Lake program. 

Beautify Big Bear Lake is designed to unite our residents, businesses, and property owners in a collective effort to bring beauty back to every corner of Big Bear Boulevard and the Moonridge Corridor. The program’s accompanying brochure was designed to educate the Big Bear Lake community on the City’s existing property maintenance standards. It provides property assessment guidelines that account for general building structure requirements, standard safety measures, and overall curb appeal, and calls on all community members to assess their properties and commit to making improvements where necessary. For more information you can view the Beautify Big Bear Lake program brochure.

The program will be administered by the Economic Development division, working with Code Enforcement staff to identify any areas of Big Bear Boulevard or the Moonridge Corridor that are in need of additional property maintenance. Staff will be working directly with business and property owners to provide program information and access to available resources and support, with the goal of obtaining citywide participation toward a clean, safe and visually appealing Big Bear Lake community, and an improved quality of life for residents and visitors alike.

The City is currently exploring opportunities for additional incentives and support to help facilitate program participation, and will be regularly updating this page with additional information, as well as communicating all updates directly to the community via email, social media, and newsletter formats.

For additional information or questions regarding the program, please email the Economic Development team at .

The Beautify Big Bear Lake program was developed by the Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC), which was established in 2021 by resolution of the City Council.The EDAC was tasked with identifying beneficial economic development initiatives for the City and making recommendations to the City Council that support economic vitality for the community. It was through these efforts that the Beautify Big Bear Lake campaign was developed, and the program scope and accompanying brochure received unanimous approval from City Council.


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