(909) 866-4607

Chamber LogoThe Big Bear Chamber of Commerce serves the entire Big Bear Valley and is the leading business organization in Big Bear, providing support and representation for local businesses.

The Chamber Board of Directors is comprised of 13 directors elected by the membership. They volunteer to serve a two-year term. Five of these directors also serve on the Executive Committee as committee chairpersons. Current committees include Governmental Affairs, Economic Development, Finance, Regional Traffic Advisory (RTAC) and Membership, Communications and Special Events. Each committee serves a specific purpose for the Chamber to help it fulfill its mission statement. If you wish to get involved in the Chamber or join a committee, please contact them directly at (909) 866-4607.

The Chamber is supported by volunteers, including the Ambassador Team, Junior Ambassadors and the Chamber Auxiliary. These volunteers provide their support by donating countless hours to the Chamber by helping with events, phone calls, raising funds and working with members.

The Mission of the Big Bear Chamber of Commerce:

As the leading business association, the Big Bear Chamber of Commerce is an assertive, independent advocate of business interests for its diverse membership, exercising its influence to:

  • Promote a strong local economy
  • Promote the business community
  • Represent the interests of business to government
  • Provide networking opportunities
  • Political Action